Concluding thoughts

Unfortunately, as the saying goes all good things must my come to an end.

Surprisingly, I’ve enjoying writing about my inspirations, struggles and interests throughout my Remote Sensing module. Looking back over my blogs I get a sense of achievement, as I know how worried I was about the task at hand. However, it’s has turned out to be the most enjoyable aspect of the course; as I have been able to apply my knowledge of remote sensing and the technologies behind it with real world applications which excite me.

Writing this blog has allowed me to explore other areas of remote sensing that haven’t been covered in the lectures, as the main fundamentals of the subject are covered in the limited time available. I didn’t want to follow the lectures exactly, but explore its applications outside of academia. The exploration for the search of the missing flight MH370 was one of my favourite blogs to write, as I want a career within aviation, and this highlights the cross over of my university studies and future career paths. I am aware that I have used more contemporary issues rather than journal papers throughout, as I feel these have shown me the aspect of remote sensing I wanted to explore, on the other hand, in the majority of blog posts I have also included reference to a journal I read on the topic that will enhance the quality of my post.

Throughout this process I have focussed on any uncertainties and worked through them, finding the solutions online. I feel more confident with my knowledge of remote sensing as I now have numerous examples of its uses. Perhaps if I had not been set the task of creating a learning blog I wouldn’t feel as self-assured as I do now?

Who knows, maybe the experience of writing this blog will kick start a love of writing for me, and my blogging may continue, I have had some recognition from GIS and Remote Sensing news accounts on Twitter, and this has boosted my confidence whilst writing. I have extremely enjoyed the module, and will be continuing my studies of Earth imagery by undertaking the GIS module in my second semester.

I hope this blog has sparked an interest in remote sensing in you and showcased it’s many uses; and my journey throughout the module. Maybe you’ve decided to explore the world of remote sensing through social media accounts as well as key journals mentioned in my blog?!



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