Hi, I’m currently a second year Geography student at the University of Manchester, I’ve chosen to undertake a module in Remote Sensing, and have been set the daunting task of completing a ‘reflective learning blog’. As I’m not a keen writer, and often write in the way I speak, I am undoubtably worried about the task at hand. However, I have seen this blog as a way for me to explore the areas of remote sensing that inspire my learning, whether that be through its applications, technologies or indeed the amazing corporations that use remote sensing. After realizing what my blog would focus on and how I would develop it the name came naturally to me; Remote Senspiration; as my blog will feature my interests and inspirations towards this module and indeed my degree itself. I am aware of the importance of a memorable and eye-catching title for my blog, as they have recently become a major forum for debates and ideas in all aspects of life.

Throughout my blogging, I will highlight key readings and aspects of my course, whether they be exciting aspects, or things I am finding difficult to grasp, this learning blog will enable me to further research and counteract my initial struggles. Whilst I am still slightly worried about writing this blog, I look forward to its development and what I will learn throughout the process. Each of my blogs will be signed off using my student number in order to remain anonymous.

Currently wishing myself lots of luck!



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